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Add to your HOPE experience by joining the staff!

Volunteers are the secret to our success. While other conferences charge up to $1500 for programs that aren't even as interesting as ours, we're able to offer the entire weekend for $60 because of the people who sacrifice their time to make it all possible. You can be one of these people, referred to by our German counterparts as "angels."

There are dozens of jobs that we need help with in order to make HOPE Number Six run smoothly. And what we hear from people after each conference is that volunteering was one of the most pleasant things they've ever done. We find that many of the volunteers become and stay friends for years to come. So please consider lending a hand.

Volunteers don't get in for free but they will get a free HOPE Number Six volunteer shirt for their efforts. If you're interested in helping out, just email

Volunteers in the New York metropolitan area are welcome to attend HOPE Number Six coordinating meetings at Citigroup on the third Friday of each month, at the same time and place as the regular New York City 2600 meetings.

Except where noted, no particular experience is required to be a volunteer at HOPE Number Six.

We will need help in the following fields:

More specific details will be posted.
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